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What We Offer

Project/Production/Construction Management Services

We offer a full consulting service with Professional Indemnity cover, ranging from project concept and technical design through to supervision and holistic implementation.  We provide several unique permutations for project implementation, designed to promote the transformation of the economy and the Economic Empowerment of emerging enterprises.

Project Risk Management and SMME Development Strategy

These include mechanisms for maximising empowerment impact while fast-tracking delivery.  In particular, the close relationship of Inkanyiso to SMME clients enables proper risk and viability assessments as well as focused interventions and solutions designed to reduce risk for project principals, financiers and other exposed parties.  The specific areas of intervention revolve around budgeting, operational and monitoring systems, accountability structures, reporting mechanisms and corrective measures.

Business Support to SMME Clients

Business support is one of the key benefits of Inkanyiso’s risk management to emerging enterprises.  It incorporates much of the methodology described above, though directed at the internal processes and structures of these businesses.   In addition to the enterprises themselves benefiting from the project risk management services described above, Inkanyiso also offers technical and management support, access to credit, and procurement services.