A Little About Us

For public or private sector clients, who are serious about delivery and empowerment, Inkanyiso are the professionals for comprehensive implementation.

  • Our company has an in-depth and practical understanding of the sectors in which we operate, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the range of needs of our clients, “delivery with development;”
  • We have dedicated staff led by a management team with experience in undertaking large projects and production lines;
  • We have an 8 year track record of successful project delivery in terms of quality, cost and time;
  • We provide innovative engineering as well as Labour Intensive (job creation) solutions;
  • We develop and provide creative financing mechanisms for emerging entrepreneurs;
  • Our  alliances with the key stakeholders in the industry provide a strategic advantage;
  • Inkanyiso delivers training, mentorship and access to finance solutions which have revolutionised public/emerging sector interaction.